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Graduating from school or university is a momentous occasion, the culmination of many years of hard work. Students can celebrate to the max. knowing they can face their future with optimism now they have that important certificate. At the graduation celebration our DJ will mix the music so that everyone gets something they like during the night to dance to or to enjoy while they take a breather. The many fresh and classic tracks provided by our dj will keep everyone dancing throughout your wonderful night of celebration.

The photo booth with many props will allow guests to do what they love best when celebrating; take funny photos of themselves with their friends. These memories will be dear to each and every one of them in the years to come as the look back on their special night of fun. The photo booth provides endless laughter, entertainment and memorable photos that ensure guests will enjoy themselves. These photos can be easily downloaded from our website later with the aid of a special password given to each person. This saves anyone having to hold onto them while they are busy celebrating the graduation.

The mood lighting has to be seen to be believed. Why bother with redecorating the venue when it can be totally transformed so simply with mood lighting? Each object absorbs and reflects the lighting colour differently resulting in many different shades and hues, from dark and mysterious to pale and romantic through to light and bright. Your venue can truly be transformed into a magical masterpiece that everyone will love and have fun in.

The LED centrepieces provide the WOW factor that will get your party or celebration off to a great start. Each table is elegantly decorated in a way that is in keeping with the theme of the event.

You might have guessed that we love celebrations and do everything in our power to provide the kind of service and the essentials that you need for your graduation celebration to go off with a bang and continue late into the night.

When you choose our professional service you’ll find organising that graduation a great deal easier than you expected. We’ll work hard in ensuring all those many details are not forgotten so that your party can swing and everyone will have a wonderful time.

Our DJs, wait staff, bartender and booth attendant are all experienced professionals who know how to ensure you and your guests have the best time ever. With your graduation celebration in our capable hands all you have to do is enjoy the night of your life; you deserve it.

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