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3 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life! But when you start to look at the cost of weddings, you may understandably freak out! According to the average Australian wedding costs $36,200 and the most expensive part is the wedding reception.* If you can reduce wedding reception costs, the money you save could go towards your house or your honeymoon instead!

You may be tempted to cut those relatives off the guest list who you haven’t seen for over five years… But deep down inside, you know you won’t hear the end of it, for as long as you both shall live! So here are three ways to cut wedding costs without sacrificing those Aunts from your guest list!

1. Have a Weekday Wedding

Getting married on a weekday is a clever way to reduce wedding costs. Some savvy brides get married on the Thursday afternoon before the Easter weekend. Everyone is having the long weekend off anyway. As long as you give your guests plenty of notice, they should be able to get the Thursday afternoon off work

So you can enjoy the autumn sunshine at the peak of the wedding season, whilst potentially saving thousands of dollars! Many wedding venues don’t have any functions on during the week and therefore would be delighted to host your wedding reception at a discounted rate. Everybody wins with a weekday wedding!

How to cut wedding costs

2. Have a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Most people like to get married from October to April. So in winter, many wedding suppliers are pretty much just sitting around at home by the fire. But the truth is that they would much rather be out working for a lesser amount than not at all, because, well, quite frankly three months is a long time to go without any income!

So take advantage of the winter deals in June, July and August, which are sometimes up to 50% off. Here is a little secret: some suppliers offer discounts from May to September, so why not consider getting married on the 1st of May or the 30th September? You never know, you might be lucky and end up with a sunshiny wedding at a winter price!

Even if you pay a premium price to get married in the peak wedding season, there is still always a chance that it could rain. So don’t let the possible chance of rain stop you from considering a winter wedding, because, well, it could rain at any time of the year. No one will ever forget the massive floods in the Swan Valley in the summer of 2017!

Remember, there are plenty of beautiful venues where you can get married inside. But if you’re really brave and determined to get married outside, maybe just make sure there is a gazebo nearby in case. A winter wedding helps you cutting wedding costs and puts a freeze on the spending!

3. Save Money with Wedding Packages

If you’re not convinced with having a weekday or a winter wedding, that’s OK. Did you know, if you book more than one service from Lumin8 Events for your wedding, you can have your dream wedding, enjoy the sunshine and some massive savings too? Check out this fabulous wedding package with Lumin8 Events, everything you need for all your wedding reception decorations and entertainment:

Ultimate Package – by Lumin8 Events

• Wedding Reception Décor
• Photo Booth
• Mood Lighting
• Custom Monogram
• Giant LOVE Letters
• Price: $3500

If you booked all of the above with separate wedding suppliers, it could end up costing you a small fortune! So why not cut wedding reception costs by booking it all with us, and put the money you save towards something more important, like your honeymoon, or familymoon even, because, it is actually a thing!

How to cut wedding costs

There is nothing wrong with being a budget bride that has a midweek, winter wedding! But for everyone else, you can still get married on a Saturday in October, complete with blossoming spring wildflowers and Aunts who your fiancé has never met, whilst saving money! So get in touch with us at Lumin8 Events, because we’d love to help you reduce wedding costs with our package deals. Happy wedding planning!


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Wedding Reception – How To Really Get The ‘Wow Factor’ With Mood Lighting

It’s no secret that the right lighting can really set the mood for your wedding. It’s also no secret that the wrong lighting can completely kill the moment. In fact, lighting is one of the most critical elements to the overall success of your wedding as it directs attention, sets an atmosphere and can completely transform any venue to feel like a masterpiece. Here is a quick overview of what Mood Lighting is and how it really can provide the ‘Wow Factor’ for your wedding reception.

What is Mood Lighting?

Up-lights, Pinspots and Textured Lighting are the 3 main types of lighting that commonly make up a Mood Lighting package.


LED Up-Lights are strategically placed around the perimeter of a room to highlight architectural features and to paint a venue with light. The result is a complete transformation of dull, unsophisticated spaces into a magical room that your guests will be talking about for years to come. You can choose virtually any colour; you may wish to start with a static colour to match your bridal colour scheme and then move to a slow colour fade change to set a disco-esque feel after your wedding formalities.

Pinspot Lighting

Pinspot Lighting is the icing on the cake when it comes to lighting up your event. Pinspot lighting directs light to where you need it most such as your tables and other standouts like your wedding cake. Incorporating Pinspot Lighting to a design also allows for the main venue lights to be switched off which will highlight both the Up-Lights and Pinspot effects even further!

Lumin8 Events - Pinspot Lighting Blog

Textured Lighting

Lighting designers use Texture Lighting to create dimensions and visual interest by breaking up boring flat walls and turning them into extraordinary art pieces. By breaking up a light source, patterns can be created on a dance floor, ceiling, walls or any other surface that requires character to ‘lift’ the room.


Why Should I Have Mood Lighting At My Wedding Reception?

  • The right Mood Lighting sets the mood and totally provides the ‘Wow Factor’ when your guests walk in the room.
  • Mood Lighting is the most cost effective way of transforming an entire venue.
  • It is a more affordable option than hiring wall drapes for older venues and DIY function centres.
  • Your bridal scheme colours can be selected
  • Highlight venue architectural features
  • Boring walls can turn into a vibrant theme
  • Directs light to where you need it most
  • Allows for venues lights to switch off increasing the DJ dance floor light effects.

More Lighting Options

Lumin8 Events - Monogram

If you really want to take your wedding to the next level then LED Centrepieces and a Wedding Monogram are a perfect match to go with your Mood Lighting. By incorporating a submersible light, table centrepieces can be illuminated to a warm white (perfect for a sit down meal) or a static colour to match your bridal colour scheme. If you really want to personalise a room then a Custom Monogram is for you. A perfect way to add a personal touch to any venue with beautifully designed Monogram Lighting. Have your name/s light up a wall or dance floor!

Who Do I Book?

Anyone can station lights in a room, however the trick lies in the various type of lighting, placement, and colour choice. Lumin8 Events have a range of lighting fixtures and the experience required to bring your wedding to life. We have a passion for what we do and it is our mission to bring a smile to our client’s faces when they see their venue come to light.

Successful events require all of the guest’s senses to be excited; sight is arguably the most important of all of these senses when it comes to weddings. Mood Lighting is by far the most cost effective wedding enhancement in an event planners arsenal. A Mood Lighting package with Up-Lights, Pinspots and Textured Lighting is sure to totally provide the ‘Wow Factor’ for your wedding! If you’re looking for an affordable option to have your dream wedding and really impress your guests, then Lumin8 Events is the right fit for you. Contact us today to see how we can enhance your wedding.

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