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Party DJ

Parties are an integral part of our society, bringing family and friends together to celebrate birthdays and many other special events. The right party DJ can make all the difference to your party. Whether its top 40, 90’s RnB or all the classics that your after, we have the right DJ for you. We even specialise in different dance genres, just ask! If you are looking to hire a party DJ, look no further.

Our DJs have a great deal of experience in getting parties off the ground and ensuring everyone has a great time. When you hire a DJ who also does MC duties it takes the responsibility for a good time off the host’s shoulders, so they can enjoy the party as much as their guests, instead of worrying about running things while entertaining their guests and making sure everyone else is enjoying themselves.

With close consultation and our availability by phone or email, together we can organise all the main features of your party such as lighting, sound, photo booth and decorations, so that your guests will be totally impressed, not to mention able to enjoy themselves immensely.

You will be please to know that we don’t charge by the hour, but by the event of up to 6 hours. And we don’t just hire out a party DJ and leave it at that; we contact the venue you’ve chosen to discuss their needs and yours and bring the two into harmony so that nothing is forgotten and everything will run smoothly on the night.

Knowing in advance that your party will be a huge success means you look forward to the night like your guests do. And when there are experienced professionals to help with so much of the organisation for your party it certainly takes a load off your shoulders. When it is difficult to find time to organise a party you tend to forget things and this not only makes you nervous on the night wondering what you forgot, it tends to spoil your enjoyment.

With us to take a hand in helping with the organisation your stress levels will go right down. And knowing that your party has a professional DJ/MC will certainly ensure both you and your guests will have a really great time. See our list below to find out just how your party can benefit by hiring professionals.

Lumin8 Party DJ Hire Includes

✓ Quality DJ entertainment

✓ Huge song repertoire (classics / charts / party favourites / dance genres…)

✓ Crystal clear sound system (2 top speakers + extra sub speaker for a quality warm sound)

✓ Dance floor lighting

✓ Cordless mic for speeches

✓ Experienced Party DJ/MC’s

✓ Consultation with the DJ prior to the party

✓ Phone & email support

✓ Party games if required

✓ We will contact your venue to discuss necessities

✓ Hired per event not per hour (up to 6 hours)

Don’t take a chance on booking a quality DJ. Booking a registered Perth DJ is vital to ensure a quality and reliable service that you should expect for your event. All our DJ’s are trained professionals who hold the appropriate PPCA license.

Party DJ Prices & Packages
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