Looking for a DJ in Perth?

If you are organising any kind of event in Perth, one of the most important elements to ensure success is your DJ.

Having a professional DJ to take care of the music is great, but in fact, our DJ’s do much more than simply press play. Lumin8 DJ’s are also professional MC’s who can keep everything under control with their knack for timing all the components of your event, whether it is a wedding, corporate event or a party of any kind.


DJ Hire for Weddings

DJ Hire PerthOur wedding DJs are experienced professionals not just in mixing and song selection, but in how they can interact with the venue, other vendors and your guests. DJing is just one component of a larger service.

If you’re seeking an experienced Wedding DJ with a positive personality, who is prepared and has a diverse music collection with crowd reading abilities all while having exceptional listening skills, then contact us today to arrange an obligation free meeting to see if we are the right fit for your wedding! Read more about our wedding dj’s

DJ Hire for Parties

DJ PerthHaving a professional party DJ will make all the difference to how your party rocks. A DJ/MC will take the responsibility for a good time off the host’s shoulders, so they can enjoy the party as much as their guests. With close consultation and our availability by phone or email, together we can organise all the main features of your party so that your guests will be totally impressed, not to mention able to enjoy themselves immensely.

You will be please to know that we don’t charge by the hour, but per event, up to 6 hours. And we will contact the venue to discuss their needs and yours and bring the two into harmony. This saves you a lot of stress when organising a party. Read more about our party dj’s

DJ Hire for Corporate Events

Perth DJsCorporate events are one thing that most companies need to set up and have everything go smoothly, whether they are to impress potential clients or just to celebrate with staff. An experience corporate DJ can make all the difference to your corporate event, ensuring that everything goes according to plan – and the time allotted.

We have speakers to ensure a crystal clear sound that everyone can hear, cordless mic for speeches and many other things that are needed at a corporate event, including a wide range of music suitable for everyone. Contact us today to find out more details about our DJ hire services. We’ll be happy to organise a meeting or discuss your needs over the phone. Read more about our corporate dj’s


Don’t take a chance on booking a quality DJ. Booking a registered Perth DJ is vital to ensure a quality and reliable service that you should expect for your event. All our DJ’s are trained professionals who hold the appropriate PPCA license.

We service the Perth Metro and Margaret River Region / South West of Australia.